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“Reason is itself a matter of faith. It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all.”  — G.K. Chesterton

Happily, the truth has an inherent appeal. Too bad we never have time for it.

How can the average Joe hope to find that grain of truth through the mill of mischaracterizations and misdirections we call, the media — mainstream or otherwise? Our infinite person-to-person debates and discourse bring us but a finite sense of satisfaction, whose waning enthusiasm for knowledge steadily bends beneath this comprehension-crippling common culture of ours.

Don’t even bother re-reading that sentence. It sounds good, and it makes sense if you sift through it, but that’s just the point. Who has the time to sift through a meandering media, whose loyalties are equally distributed between the facts and a pleasant presentation?

Luckily, we have a multiplicity of information thanks to the internet and the “new media” to settle the score. Unluckily, there is so much information here that, well, who has the time?!

This site? This space is here to triple-check those special stories that somehow find the cracks and slip through without proper treatment anywhere else on the internet. I am not interested in wasting your time with what can be found elsewhere. But I am interested in providing comprehensive information in the most straight-forward way.

And just to clear it up, I admit it. The identity, “Triple Check” with a single-p was already taken. My attachment to the name forced me to settle for Tripple Check, with the double-pp. My initial hesitancy gave way to the unintentional poetry that typos serve as reminders that, no matter how much we think we know, we don’t know it all. We’ve probably missed somethink, and whatever we thought we knew probably needs another peke. Like any skill, knowledge must be developed with interminable work, and there is a humility about always second-guessing oneself. As burdensome a mental constraint as it is, knowing that everything I think is equally fallible is the single most liberating philosophical discovery I’ve yet to make. (h/t G.K. Chesterton)


An update about this blog’s development… You may notice its on-and-off neglect since its inception. I have been spending all of my free time since the summer of 2009 learning history, philosophy, law, economics and current events in ways that neither my Political Science nor International Relations degrees allowed me to. I can say with utmost humility that I have gone through an overwhelming scholarly enlightenment, and I cannot wait to share it more regularly on these pages. In the meantime, I am working on solidifying my own generally libertarian philosophy, and until I am more certain of it, this blog will be an output in fits and starts until I really get cracking in the not-so-distant future. Until then, do enjoy these sporadic musings.



  1. Found your site while searching for information about the Petrobas/Soros/Obama administration connection. Your account was very well done and provided the necessary details to deflect the ravings about the right and Beck from someone who is terminally progressive and thinks Snopes is beyond questioning. Excellent work. Have bookmarked the site.

  2. I appreciated your work on the Brazilian oil exploration

  3. I admire your site, and appreciate your concise writing style. Your Pilgrim summary was very helpful. Thank you. It appears you’ve been otherwise busy for some time, hopefully, for the better. Dr. Yavelak

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