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I would like to quickly plug the website of one Craig Steiner, who has an impressive-looking site (especially for someone, who doesn’t seem to have any sponsors or financial incentive for his work).

My plug is specifically for his article, titled, “The Myth of the Clinton Surplus.”

I often like to use the adage, if ye repeat something often enough, ye eventually believe it. The first time I ever heard that, the included example was that of slave owners convincing themselves that slavery in the Americas saves Africans from the savage and ultimately poorer conditions of their homeland. I don’t even know if they generally did convince themselves of this. But it’s been repeated often enough that I believe they did.

There is also the idea that if you hear a falsehood in the absence of contradicting evidence, the falsehood tends to sound damn convincing. This is largely how our most worthless teachers operate.

I suspect that knowledge of the Clinton surplus entered modern social consciousness due to a combination of these two factors. I am basing this solely on my own experience. Perhaps this diagnosis rings true for the rest of you too?

Luckily, I found Craig Steiner’s brilliant article debunking the surplus myth.

Although I cannot accept the conclusions of this page with absolute certainty because it is still only one source, the evidence seems spot-on and frankly straightforward. I fully recommend at least a skim-through.

I post this on my site because it will hopefully be the template for my own blogs. Like Steiner, I hope to fill my articles with novel analyses, and comprehensive and straightforward evidence, all linked with citations.

Also like Steiner, I mostly do this sort of work anyway to consolidate my thoughts and arrive at logical conclusions. And like Steiner, I recognize my limitations as a human being and enjoy the prospect of receiving criticism and feedback to strengthen my blog.

But unlike Steiner, I might have to put in some work to come off as such a nice guy 😉


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